The Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ed Gein

The True Story Of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I was very disturbed when i first saw The Texas Chainsaw Massacre film, not because of the film itself, but because it was apparently based on a true story.

The thought of a big guy like that chasing after teenagers with a chainsaw, and his deranged family sat eating parts of the human anatomy served up in a stew as if it was a normal everyday family meal, was quite surreal.

Despite what certain people say, these films are based VERY loosely on true life Murderer Ed Gein. There have been a few fictional characters based on Gein, including Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs, Norman Bates in Psycho, and more famously Leather face in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So what was the true story of this disturbed and dangerous man?

Edward Theodore Gein was born in Madison, Wisconsin on the 27Th August 1906, he lived with his Mother and Father Augusta and George, and his brother Henry George Gein.

His Mother Augusta didn’t like outsiders to influence her son’s, and so they were only allowed to School, and the rest of their time was spent helping out round the Family farm.

Augusta abused her children, and preached to them on a daily basis about the immortality of the world they lived in, the evil of alcohol, and her belief that all woman were prostitutes and instruments of the Devil. Every day after dinner she would recite graphic testaments from the Bible, dealing with Death, Murder and divine retribution.

Throughout his childhood, Gein only had his family for company, and was often bullied at school. He tried constantly to make his Mother happy, but her son’s rarely pleased her, making him feel like a failure.

Edward Gein’s father died of a heart attack in 1940, and Edward along with his Brother Henry, began to do odd jobs around where they lived, such as handy work and babysitting.

Both Brother’s were considered reliable and honest by their neighbours. but by this time Henry had started disagreeing with his Mother’s views on the world, and started to talk bad about her to Edward.

In 1944 a bush fire burned close to the Family Farm, and the Gein Brothers set out to extinguish it. The Brother’s got separated, and Edward lost sight of Henry.

When the fire was put out, Edward told the police that his Brother was missing and when a search party was organised, Edward Gein led them straight to Henry’s body. The police initially had concerns about the circumstances of Henry’s death. For one the land where his brother lay was untouched by fire and he also had bruises on his head, but despite this, the police dismissed the possibility of foul play.

After his Brother’s death, Edward lived alone with his Mother until she died in 1945 following a series of strokes. Edward nailed his mother’s bedroom door shut after her death and it stayed that way as a shrine. It actually ended up being the only normal room in the house of horrors.

Unemployment Compensation Information for Claimants

Unemployment Compensation–Tips for Claimants

The purpose of this document is to provide information which may be useful to individuals who have found themselves in the unfortunate situation of losing their jobs and who may be eligible for unemployment compensation. The following information is based on my experience serving on the Michigan Employment Security Board of Review (appeals) and for the past several years representing claimants in administrative law judge unemployment compensation eligibility appeal hearings. Unemployment compensation regulations throughout the U.S. are similar but vary in a number of important respects from state to state. This information is based solely on my experience in Michigan.


Most people find themselves unemployed at some time in their life. Unemployment was not such a problem when the U.S. was an agrarian, small town society where most people had families nearby who could help out in a pinch and where people grew much of their own food. But as the country industrialized and people flocked from the farms to cities to work in factories like Henry Ford’s Rouge plant which employed 100,000 at its peak, unemployment became a critical social problem. People were no longer independent farmers living on their own land and growing their own food, but instead they were far from their relatives and dependent on the success of their employer and the good will of their boss for economic security. The federal-state unemployment compensation system was established to help tide people over in periods of involuntary unemployment.

A lot of thought went into the system. It’s funded by a tax on employer payrolls. The tax in most states ranges from around one percent of payroll to twelve or thirteen percent of payroll depending on the number of layoffs previously experienced by each employer. In Michigan the maximum tax rate is 10.3 % of wages up to $9,000/ year and the minimum is 0.06%, as of November 2008. This variable tax rate is called experience rating. It’s designed to provide an incentive for employers to plan their business to avoid layoffs. The firms with the fewest layoffs are rewarded with having to pay the lowest unemployment compensation tax rate. And, conversely, employers whose employment fluctuates widely, such as those in cyclical industries or in seasonal industries like construction, pay the highest unemployment compensation taxes. Employers don’t like to pay high taxes so the experience rating system also provides them an incentive for them to protest unemployment compensation claims filed by their employees.

Another reason underlying unemployment compensation is that it has a counter-cyclical economic effect. That is, when there is a recession and people lose their jobs involuntarily, money is pumped into the economy by unemployment compensation payments to laid off workers, helping to stabilize the national economy or that of a particular state or region.

Like Social Security, Unemployment Compensation was established during the Great Depression in the 1930s, and like Social Security, it has become accepted and, by and large, accomplishes its mission of providing income to assist unemployed workers and provide a boost to the economy during recessions.

Sandy Hook, Connecticut School Shooting? Fact or Fiction?

I am the last person to ever become a conspiracy theorist. They are usually a bunch of far-out, nut jobs who think someone is out to get them around every corner. But, the more I have learned about the horrendous shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the more suspicious I become of the story.

First of all, I would never accuse anyone, government or individual, of wrongdoing. But the facts revealed in the video I posted are such that I shake my head in wonder.
Outpouring of Support is Great!

Let me start off by being positive. The outpouring of support from around the country is overwhelming! With cards, letters, flowers, stuffed animals, and money, it is good to see people’s concern and generosity. As of January 18th, $8.5 million has been collected in a Sandy Hook Foundation, according to the Hartford Courant. The foundation is not sure what will be done with that money yet. My guess is that it will go toward the school itself, a memorial, or gun control. My question is, who will decide who gets this money?
News Media

I hope you do not take everything you hear as fact. Even the news, no matter the station, has it’s own spin on every topic. As an active citizen, I try to get the honest facts of every news story that interests me. So as I’m watching footage of the Sandy Hook massacre, I’m struck with the lack of hard facts given to me by the news media.

Very little is known about the shooter and his connection to Sandy Hook Elementary. I still have yet to hear how his mother was connected to the school.
The medical examiner is completely unprepared for his news conference! When it comes to the facts, he says the victims were all shot with the Bushmaster, assault rifle. In the first video above, they show aerial footage of police taking this very weapon out of the shooter’s car! When it comes to the details of the victims deaths, he appears to have no details. I personally am mortified when this man later laughs at himself later in the interview. Is he so jaded that the death of the innocent doesn’t phase him?
When you watched the live footage of the shootings, NO BODIES were taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Very few, if any, medical personnel are seen entering into the school, moments after the shooting. Shouldn’t they be assessing the victims? Everything was done in a makeshift tent outside the school. Typical protocol is that the pronouncement of death is usually done at the hospital.
CNN reports that several are at the hospital with injuries but the aerial shots show no ambulances nearby the school but some distance away. Plus, these emergency vehicles could not get out since every street is blocked. When I say blocked, I mean a multitude of cars blocking the roadway.
We only see one small group of children brought outside to safety. What about the other hundreds of children. Where were they?

Would you be smiling if you knew your daughter was just in the school with a mass shooter?
The Facts That Don’t Add Up

Let me start off this section by saying I am deeply saddened for accusing people of lying. But once I saw the facts, I could come to no other conclusion. The first video I posted has a lot of this information. You’ll see it in other places around the web and in videos. Makes you wonder…

No loved ones are crying, for real. If my child is murdered or is in harm’s way, you’ll have to sedate me because I will be so hysterical with emotion and real tears.
Flaky eye witnesses with crazy stories. The one who supposedly watched some of the kids left by the bus driver is one that comes to mind. No bus driver I know would EVER leave children with a strange man.
The number of witnesses and parents who are in the actors guild.
There is footage, in the first video, of the shooter being chased down in the woods. Then he is put into the FRONT seat of the police car. Don’t suspects go in the back?
There is footage of police taking this Bushmaster assault rifle from the suspect’s car. This is the same weapon that the medical examiner says shot all children. How is that possible.
Web pages, Facebook and others, created either before or during the attack on 12/14.
Like the London bombing and 9/11, the US government was doing a training exercise just a few blocks away from Sandy Hook Elementary. What creeped me out was that the topic of this exercise was similar to the actual event at the school.
Photos have surfaced of a supposedly dead child with her family and the president, taken after 12/14.

the Fallout

Gun control has become a top priority for President Obama. While he is not asking for an end to the 2nd Amendment, he is asking for law abiding citizens for more if they want to purchase a gun. The notion that the suspect of Sandy Hook used an assault rifle is critical to getting a complete ban on all similar weapons.

The good news for the National Rifle Association is that membership is up. People who might not have considered joining are signing up in record numbers. According to CNN, some 250,000 people joined in the wake of Sandy Hook.

There is so much uncertainty as to what the future of guns holds, Walmart has suspended all new orders of bullets. Since they are the nation’s number one gun seller, that could mean a temporary run on ammunition.

Rent a Claw Machine for Your Party

So easy to play. So hard to win.

Everyone enjoys the thrill of a Claw Machine.

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Claw Master Party Tips

A claw machine is the perfect entertainment for a Toy Story birthday party! has great ideas to Throw A Toy Story Party
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Most of the machines are adjustable so you can make it easier for younger guests to win – or make it more challenging for serious claw masters.
Many machines can be branded for advertisement at a tradeshow or for employee appreciation events.

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